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What Are Hunters?

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You can distinguish a Hunter from a Warlock or Titan by appearance. Hunters wear hoods and their armor is a mixture of metal or cloth. Additionally, Hunters carry knives on them. According to Destiny lore, Hunters are quick on the trigger and learned how to survive in the wild, outside the safe confines of The Tower. They were trailblazers who made discoveries. Hunters are assassins, agile, and supports. As a Hunter, players can choose from three subclasses.




Ranged Sublcass Melee Subclass Ranged Subclass
Melee Ability: Throwing Knives-Headshot kills with it recharge the ability. Melee Ability: Melee attack with increased damage; landing this ability can disorient enemies or killing an enemy can cause health regeneration. Melee Ability: Smoke Bomb-Disorient enemies or make yourself and allies invisible.
Grenade: Incendiary, Swarm, and Tripmine Grenade: Skip, Flux, and Arcbolt Grenade: Vortex, Spike, and Voidwall
Super: Golden Gun-Fire 3 shots from a flaming pistol to do massive damage. Super: Arc Staff-Summon a staff crackling with lightning to disintegrate your foes. Super: Shadowshot-Shoot a void arrow at enemies and tether other enemies within range to disable their abilities and slow them. Create Orbs of Light for teammates.
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