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The traits listed above are all aspects of the Titan subclass. Titans can be distinguished from Hunters and Warlocks by appearance. Their armor is usually bulky and metal. Occasionally, their armor will have fur. A Titan's looks are reminiscent of the looks of Master Chief from Halo, another game made by the people behind Destiny. In the Golden Age, Titans were known for always fighting in the front lines during a fight to protect their comrades. They were strong with their fists but were also proficient at handling their weapons.




Ranged Sublcass Melee Subclass Ranged/Melee Subclass
Melee Ability: Sunstrike-Landing this ability causes enemies to take more damage. Kills instantly recharge it. Melee Ability: Storm Fist-Landing this ability deals area of affect damage to surrounding enemies. Landing it also has a chance to instantly recharge it. Melee Ability: Defensive Strike-Getting a kill with this ability will generate an overshield for you and your allies. Note: This is not a melee ability but Sentinels can put up a large or small barrier shield for allies to stand/hide behind.
Grenade: Incendiary, Thermite, Fusion Grenade: Flashbang, Pulse, Lightning Grenade: Magnetic, Voidwall, Suppressor
Super: Hammer of Sol-Turn your enemies to ash by throwing flaming hammers at them. Leave spots of fire where your hammers land. Super: Fist of Havoc-Jump into the air and smash the ground around your enemies and disintegrate anyone within range. Leave a lasting field of damage behind where you landed. Super: Sentinel Shield-Gain a shield made of void light and shield your allies or throw them at enemies. Place a defensive bubble around yourself and allies.
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