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Warlocks can be distinguished from Titans and Hunters by appearance. Warlocks can be distinguished by their long, flowing robes and bonds over their arms. They're known for combining their arcane powers with weapons to be a menace on the battlefield. During the Golden Age they made many revolutionary discoveries. While also having high damage output, they can also heal their allies and make their attacks stronger.




Ranged Sublcass Ranged Subclass Ranged Subclass
Melee Ability: Firestarter-Landing this ability will increase your movement and reload ability. Melee Ability: Thunderstrike-Electrocute your enemies and chain the lightning to other enemies. Melee Ability: Energy Drain-Landing this ability reduces grenade cooldown and restores your health.
Grenade: Solar, Firebolt, Fusion Grenade: Pulse, Storm, Arcbolt Grenade: Vortex, Scatter, Axion Bolt
Super: Daybreak-Smite your enemies by throwing flaming blades at them. Super: Stormtrance-Fire lightning from your hands. Chain the lightning to other enemies and create shockwaves. Super: Nova Bomb-Launch an explosive ball of Void to annihilate your enemies.
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